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5 Short Hikes Around Kathmandu

If you don’t have the time or energy to trek further afield , you can still experience hiking for one or more days around Nepal hills and small settlements. The sub-alpine forests and quiet countryside make for a great short break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Most of the hikes mentioned here can be done in a single day, and are suitable for children and older people.

Some best Hiking route

Nagarjuna Hike

Nagarjuna’s beauty and ecstasy can be easily explained by the choice of the former king to place his summer palace here. You can start the hike from Balaju after visiting the 22 holy taps. From the gates of the conservation area, the climb is about three hours to the top, with a clearing mid-way up through the forested hill. This hike is more favored by regular bird watchers. The top, with a small stupa and a view tower as its scanty attractions, however, gives a clear view of mountains like Langtang, Ganesh and Manaslu to the north and Kathmandu valley down in the southeast.

Shivapuri Hike

The hike to the Shivapuri Conservation area from Budhanilkantha (north of Kathmandu) is something that you shouldn’t miss if you are a nature lover. This route is favored especially for bird watching. It’s a steep climb up to Nagi Gompa, a nunnery at the top of the hill which is a good place for resting as well as great views. This hike offers magnificent views of the mountain ranges all the year through. Varied wildlife and plant species is also a reason why most prefer to take this route. The hike can be ended at Kapan or Sundarijal, however, lots of interesting destinations take the same route. People even prefer to meditate around this area.

Nagarkot Hike

This scenic hilltop offers one of the best panoramic mountain views including Everest. Just 32 km to the east of Kathmandu, Nagarkot is also popular for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. The hill stands 2195 m tall and overlooks the Kathmandu Valley, a perfect retreat for nature lovers. Besides this, excellent hikes are possible from here which includes hikes to Changu Narayan Temple, to Dhulikhel, Sankhu and to the surrounding hills. A multiday trip from Sundarijal to Chisapani and back to Nagarkot is preferred by many.

Chitlang Hike

Chitlang is an ancient Newari settlement in Makwanpur district which is a part of Narayani zone. Chitlang is about 22 KM from Kathmandu in the South West direction. Before Opening of Tribhuwan Raj path (High way to link India and Kathmandu), Chitlang was only one “On foot Highway” to get India and the Southern part of Nepal. Inscriptions dating back to Lichchhavi era have been found in this place. It lies in the high level of the northern part of Makwanpur district and southern main path of the 8289ft Chandragiri hill. Hike to Chitlang village offers a unique pleasant memory that exceeds your imagination. The stunning sceneries of the forest and Himalayas in the north take your breath away.It offers an amazing experience with the combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Famous as the gate way of motor cars carried on the back of people. Chitlang offers visitors with an opportunity of village home stay where you can interact and get insight of the rural life in Nepal. The hills of Chitlang offer one of the best hiking/trekking around Kathmandu. Chitlang boasts of 160 bird species and bird watching is something you can enjoy here. Camping and cycling here provides you an opportunity of getting closer to the un-disrupted ecology in the locality. The largest man-made lake of Nepal, Kulekhani (also known as Indrasarovar) is a short walk of 40 minutes from Chitlang.

Dhulikhel Namobuddha Hike

Dhulkhel is a small beautiful touristic town, located at height of 1550m, is away from urban hustle and bustle life.30 km south-west drive from Kathmandu along the Araniko highway, different communities of Newars, Brahmin, Tamang , Chhetris and Dalit lives in Dhulikhel. It is historic town with old houses and temples.Starts the hike from Dhulikhel via Goukhushwar Mahadev uphill hike to Kavrekot, Kali Mandir (temple) and reach Namobuddha , then hike down to Panauti. The hike is approximately 20 kms that takes 6 hours, the highest point is Nabomuddha (1750m). Glimpses of Himalayas, Newari village, temples, Gumba and Chaityas are most attraction of the Dhulikhel Namobuddha hiking.


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