A New Trekking Destination For Winter

पर्यटन बजार२४ मंसिर २०७६, मंगलवार मा प्रकाशित

A New Trekking Destination For Winter

Helumbu is a Gaunpalika and former village development committee in Sindhupalchok District in Province No. 3 of central Nepal. Helambu is a region of highland villages in Nepal , about 80 k.m from Kathmandu. It is the home of the Hyolmo people. The word Helambu derives from the word Hyolmo. Helambu is famous for its sweet apples and artistic Buddhist  monasteries and it is a Buddhist pilgrimage site.

Trekking Routes From Helambu :

There are several good trek for people who don’t have much time in Nepal. It is an 4-day long trek which starts in Kathmandu  itself, but can be completed in as little as 4–5 days. The normal trail head starts off at Malamchi Ghyang and Tarke Ghyang,. After which you have the option of two roads one is the footpath via Malamchi Ghyang or the Tarke Ghyang .where you can take a bus back to Kathmandu . Another variation is the reverse of this trek. The maximum height reached during the trek is about 3771 m.

Ama Yangri Trek :

Ama Yangri Trek is one of the less popular but super awesome trekking destination in Helambu region. It is considered to be the highest peak around Kathmandu valley which lies at the altitude of 3771 m. Ama Yangri is considered to be a deity which has turned into the protector of the Helambu region. The Ama Yangri peak can be compared to the Poon hill of the Annapurna region in terms of views of the mountains.

Ama Yangri Trek Route:

Ama Yangri is a peak that lies in the Helambu region of Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. Ama Yangri peak needs to be trekked from the Tarke Ghyang and Malamchi Ghyang  village of  Helambu region. Tarke Ghyang can be reached easily through a motorable road or can be trekked as well. It is highly recommended to trek upto Tarke Ghyang, from Timbu. You can get a bus to Timbu easily from Chuchhepati, Kathmandu. The trek from Timbu to Tarke Ghyang can be completed in a day. It takes about 5 hours from Timbu to Tarke Ghyang. The route is filled with diverse forests, birds and little beautiful villages. This trek is beautiful to experience both in natural and cultural way.


Tarke Ghyang :

Tarke Ghyang rests at a beautiful location just below the Ama Yangri peak. There are plenty of lodges so it won’t be much of a problem. You can stay the night at Tarke Ghyang. Next day, early in the morning, you can leave for Ama Yangri peak. The trek takes about 3-4 hours from Tarke Ghyang.

This trek is a pretty diverse. You go from dense rhododendron forests to upper Himalayan parts with clear views of the Himalayas. After reaching the peak, you can dive into the nature for some while, and then get back to Tarke Ghyang again and stay the night. The next day, you can get to Timbu and then to Kathmandu from there.

Ama Yangri Trek Cost:

The trekking costs differ if you go through travel agencies. They manage all your expenses for certain price. Since, Tarke Ghyang is at more accessible place, it is not much expensive. The prices for the tour package differ according the travel managers that you’re traveling with. Also, they differ on how many days you’ll be staying out there.

Ama Yangri Trek Difficulty:

This trek can be called moderately difficult. The upper part of the trail to reach the peak is comparatively difficult as the route moves almost vertically. Also, the trail seems to get extremely slippery if it rains. Otherwise, the route is good to experience. Be careful to take plenty of water with you. Also take dry fruits, and get shoes with good grip!


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