NTB promotes domestic tourism by announcing Tiktok competition

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NTB promotes domestic tourism by announcing Tiktok competition

December 6,kathmandu.Nepal Tourism Board has now started promoting domestic tourism through Tiktok.Tiktok competition has also been started to revive the tourism sector affected by Covid.

Chief Executive Officer Dhananjay Regmi said that the board has started efforts to increase tourism activities through domestic tourists saying that there is less possibility of foreign tourists coming immediately.

The board has started Tiktok competition on the occasion of its 22nd anniversary. In order to support the ‘Desh Darshan Program’ mentioned in the budget, up to Rs 20,000 will be given to those who travel around the country and make Tiktok.

To participate in the competition, tourists will be able to make Tiktok in both Nepali and English. Participants will have to make a Tiktok and publish it with the hashtag Nepal Tourism Board and the hashtag Deshdarshan. The board has mentioned that the Tiktok account of the board should also be tagged. Tiktok video should be 15 seconds to 1 minute

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