Panchpokhari – Hidden Heaven of Nepal

पर्यटन बजार२३ पुष २०७७, बिहीबार मा प्रकाशित

Panchpokhari – Hidden Heaven of Nepal

Panch Pokhari Trekking is designed uniquely to offer glorious holidays in Nepal. It has been lately opened and includes the sacred and pristine glacial. Five Lakes that are famous for the Hindu pilgrimage trip. Himalayan views in the northeast and the charming biological diversities contribute to deserving the trip brilliant. The trip consists of the base of the Jugal Himal range in the initial and concludes in the lower part of the Langtang region.

The period from March to May is the best time for trek to Panch Pokhari. This place has cultural, religious, and ecological importance. An important festival, the Janai Purnima festival, is held here every year in August, when Brahmin castes come here for the ritual changing of the sacred thread (janai) they wear around their bodies. 

Panch Pokhari Trek begins from Chautara of the Sindhupalchok. Various settlements of Sherpa and Tamang people lie on the trail and you have a prospect to know the cultural factors of their lifestyles and incredible hospitality. The landscape is untouched and luring, which signify the freshen sceneries and mystical touch. As the trek walks of up to 4500 meters altitude, you need to have a good physical condition. Highlighting the trek, it includes different significant valleys, waterfalls, gorges and ancient caves. It is, incredibly a journey through the unspoilt trail. The white peak panoramas of the Dorje Lakpa (6966 m), Phurbi Chhyachu (6637 m), Madiya (6257 m), Rolwaling and Langtang range disclose their tranquil eternity. The trekking region of Panch Pokhari is not polluted and densely populated. The enticing trail is dotted by the rhododendron forest, which is extremely spectacular in spring.

pic credit : Milan Tamang

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