Covid couldn’t stop me to climb mount Everest – climber Sherpa

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Covid couldn’t stop me to climb mount Everest – climber Sherpa

June 5,2021 Famous climber Jangbu Sherpa has stood atop of Mt Everest 17th times this spring season along with the Bahrain Everest team, on Tuesday, May 11.

He left Kathmandu on 4th of April along with the Bahrain Prince’s team for the Everest Base Camp unfortunately got sick at the camp and returned to Kathmandu on 20th of April by the helicopter. He was tested positive for Covid-19, as the report stated. Here is the Interview with climber Jangbu Sherpa.

  1. How was your 17th expedition of Sagarmatha?

This time my expedition was little difficult, I started my expedition on 3rd of April, 2 weeks after leaving Kathmandu I start to suffer from cough, chest pain, headache, so On 20th of April I came to Kathmandu on a helicopter roque from camp.

An Ambulance took me directly to Era hospital from airport. I underwent PCR test and was tested positive. So, I had 6 days bedridden in hospital, after 6 days I tested again that time my report was negative then doctors suggested me to stay in home isolation and I was told not to go to mountain.

After that I came home and remained in home isolation for 6 days. As soon as I felt better, I went to Lukla on 2nd of May and on 3rd of May I went to basecamp from Lukla by helicopter.

On 4th, 5th & 6th of May I took rest in base camp, and on May 7 we went to camp 2 for the Summit, May 8 we had rest in camp 2, on May 9 we went to camp 3, May 10 we went to camp 4 and May 11 we Summit Mt Everest at 6:05 AM, then we came back down to camp 2.

2.How was your mountain expedition with prince? what was his response after completing expedition?

Due to corona, I did not get much time to spend with him, but the time spent with him was so wonderful. My journey with Rajkumar was so pleasant. His behaviour, and friendliness behaviour was like so deep similar like a close friend. During this trip I learnt lots of knowledge and am thankful for such beautiful moments.

Raj Kumar was also very happy to one of the luckiest to step on the highest peak in the world. When internationally renowned personalities visit our country Nepal, such visits present a good impression to the world.

3. After the recovery of COVID, you immediately planned to climb Everest. How did you get such a positive energy?

There are three things that gave me inspiration, first I wanted to show the patients suffering from Covid-19 that when you have the will and desire to do something, nothing can stop you.

Not even the Corona Virus. Second, I really wanted to conquer Mt. Everest in its new height and thirdly I wanted to get a chance to climb with the Prince of Bahrain.

I have climbed with many tourists, but it was my first time climbing with the member of a royal family. The Prince was very friendly.

4. How did you feel when you had to return from base camp by suffering from covid- 19?

I was really very sad when I had to come back to Kathmandu due to the virus. I thought I might not get to summit Mt. Everest in its new height.

As many people are dying because of the virus, I was also very scared that I might die as my health condition was not that well. Mainly I was worried that I might not be able to complete my mission this time.

5. What are necessary factors to come out from covid-19?

In my opinion, firstly you need a positive attitude, you need to believe in yourself that you can defeat it. And you should avoid news of people dying due to virus as it creates doubts, and you start to think that you might die.

Then comes the emotional support, you need love and care from your family, friends and loved ones. And then other factors such as healthy food, in my case, I used to drink lots of soups and eat fruits. And do things that keeps you calm and relaxed.

6. What was the unforgettable memory of Everest journey?

I am very happy to share this journey of mine. I wish that people who are suffering from Covid-19 gets inspired from my journey, as per current situation people need hope; a hope that makes them confident to feel that they can survive, I wish that my experience gives them hope and that they defeat the virus. Even if my story saves one life, I would be really very happy. I hope every patient suffering from Corona have a speedy recovery.

7. How many days did you take to climb Mt. Everest?

This time, after my recovery, it took me six days to go from basecamp to Everest summit and return back to basecamp, so total 6 days.

8.What is your future plan?

Mountaineering is my passion. Whenever this pandemic will be over, I will continue my work (mountaineering)

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