Holi – Festival of Colors

पर्यटन बजार४ चैत्र २०७५, सोमबार मा प्रकाशित

Holi – Festival of Colors
march  18,2019  Fagu Purnima or Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated on a full-moon day at the end of the month of Falgun, from mid February to mid May.  Holi, also known as Festival of Colors, is one of the most popular festivals in Nepal. It takes place on the full moon day in Nepali Fagu month (February to March in Solar Calendar) and lasts for 7 days. Holi is celebrated for the victory of good over evil and the coming of spring. During this colorful festival, Nepalese and foreign tourists will throw each other with dry powder and colored water to express their sincere blessings and good wishes.
Holi festival is getting more and more popular in kathmandu nowadays Kids play with small balloon filled with colored water and water sprayer since week before of its main day. In the main day the guys and girls gather up and exchange colour. Fagu Poornima begins on the first day with the raising of the Chir pole about noon in front of Kumari House in Basantapur. Holi is known for the revelry that takes place with people dousing each other with water and color. This festival is celebrated between friend, family and colleagues. There is no religion restriction and boundary for to celebrate this festival. 

 this festival originated as celebration of the death of the Demoness  Holika. This wicked woman, who was supposed to be indestructible by fire had made several attempts to kill her nephew, Prahlad, a devout follower of Lord Vishnu. Eventually, she put the boy on her lap and set fire beneath them, thinking that he would succumb to the fire while she would escape. But instead the boy remained unharmed and Holika, to her surprise, was destroyed by the fire.


Traditions of Nepal Holi Festival

Different from India Holi rituals, Holi festival in nepal has a special ceremony for erecting a wood pole. On this day, Nepali women dress in beautiful Sari with auspicious things in hand, and then circle around the pole to pray for the blessings. Durbar Square and the surrounding streets turn into a sea of waters, colors and music. And you’ll have the chance to see the most prestigious singers performing on the stage. On the eighth day, the festival comes to an end with Holi bonfire.

Celebrations in Nepal Paint Festival

Holi, one of the most important festival in Hinduism, is mainly celebrated at India, Nepal and other Indian immigrant communities around the world. However, as for the best place to experience Holi, Kathmandu will never let you down!

On this day, most of stores are closed. The whole Kathmandu valley is immersed in the festival atmosphere. Whether people know each other or not, they’ll be sprayed with Holi powder and colorful water. Some will get a gentle touch, some will across a heavy splash and others will be chased by colored water balloons. In any case, please don’t be angry. This is a kind of festive blessing.

In the square, Nepalis and visitors totally indulge in singing, dancing and sprinkling varieties of powders and waters. Everyone’s face is filled with festive joy. Even the air turns to be colorful. At this moment, cameras, mobile phones and selfie sticks have become the essential tools to record your happy Holi.

Tips for Nepal Holi Festival

1. White T-shirts, cheap pants and slippers are highly recommended. After the carnival, you can either throw them away or keep them as Holi souvenirs.
2. It’s suggested to prepare a raincoat for the camera. And the easiest way is to cover it tightly with plastic wraps.
3. Facial cleanser and shampoo are the essentials to clean off the paints.
4. If you just want to observe this colorful festival, the steps of the temples around Durbar Square are the best spots for photography.

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