Namobuddha hiking

पर्यटन बजार१४ श्रावण २०७६, मंगलवार मा प्रकाशित

Namobuddha hiking

 July 30,2019  Namo Buddha is the beautiful tiny hill top about 45 Km east 30 km south-west drive from Kathmandu along the Araniko highway after Dhulikhel. Dhulkhel is a small beautiful touristic town, located at height of 1550m, is away from urban hustle and bustle life. Namo Buddha Hiking is one of the holiest sites for Buddhists in Nepal. Starts the hike from Dhulikhel via Goukhushwar Mahadev uphill hike to Kavrekot, Kali Mandir (temple) and reach Namo buddha , then hike down to Panauti. The hike is approximately 20 kms that takes 5- 6 hours, the highest point is Namo buddha (1750m). Glimpses of Himalayas, Newari village, temples, Gumba and Chaityas are most attraction of the Dhulikhel, Namo buddha .

Namo Buddha  is a holy place for Buddhist. The mythology about this place is that the king Mahasattva feed hungry tigress with his own flesh, and his Stupa remained underground for centuries. One fine day Buddha Shakyamuni came to this place and got attracted by protuberance and as soon as he clapped his hand the Stupa appeared miraculously.

 Our hike to this holy land is very relaxing and easy. The whole trial winds around beautiful villages, along the foothill, riverbanks, gorgeous rice and millet fields, dense forests, and magnificent panorama of the landscape of the mother earth wrapping this wonderful place.

Beside this beautiful monastery you too will find many temples and other monasteries. In the trial we will encounter with confluence of Pungmati River and Roshi River. Although this heritage site is very near to Kathmandu it is rarely visited by tourists.

Best of the hiking: Buddhist Monastery visit in Namobuddha ,Magnificent Himalayan views from Namobuddha , pass Nepalese style villages through hike.


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