Nepal’s lowest altitude glacier lake , Kahphuche Lake

पर्यटन बजार१२ मंसिर २०७६, बिहीबार मा प्रकाशित

Nepal’s lowest altitude glacier lake ,  Kahphuche Lake

November28, 2019 Kahphuche Lake is Nepal’s lowest altitude glacier lake which is very Beautiful and hidden at an unbelievable altitude of just 2,450 meters . Kahphuche Lake is a two-day trek from Sikles. This lake was given a local Gurung name as “Kahphuche” in which “Kah” means ice; “Phu” means breakdown of ice and “Che” means the corner. Formed from the continuous avalanche from Mt. Annapurna II, it is Nepal’s lowest altitude glacier Virgin Ice Lake. Prior to 2063 B.S.(2005/06 A.D.), there used to be three small glacier lakes, which later merged together to form the present sized lake.

 During Kahphuche Glacial Lake Trek, you can see the amazing view of Annapurna II (7,937 m), Mt. Langtang (7,227 m) and Machhapuchre (6,993 m).

About Sikles

Less popular than the most visited Gurung villages like Dhampus and Ghandruk, Sikles is another beautiful Gurung village near Pokhara. Lying at an elevation of 2,000 meters, Sikles is just 4 hours’ drive from Pokhara. Gateway to Nepal’s lowest altitude glacier lake (Kahphuche Lake) and Kori Trek (Kori is a hill where locals collect “Yaarshaagumba”), there is quite an interesting story behind its present name. The locals believe that the present name of Sikles has been derived from “Sick Less” which was named by the foreigner who found the atmosphere of this place favorable for health. The actual name of Sikles is “Chili Naasaa”. In Gurung language, “Chili” means a bird called “Gauthali” (Swallow) and “Naasaa” means a village. Back then, these birds used to inhabit in this village.

Best time to travel: Anytime except extreme rainy season

Route: Kathmandu-Pokhara-Sikles-Huku-Kahphuche Lake-Huku-Sikles-Pokhara-Kathmandu

Guide needed: Yes (Most of the guest houses at Sikles provide guide facility. But please ensure the availability of the guide while booking your rooms.)

Is it ok for beginners? YES!!!

Important Packing List
1. Warm clothing, waterproof layer, gloves, hat, clothing change, sleeping bags.
2. Sunscreen, SPF chapstick, sunglasses, hat.
3. Headlamp, extra batteries.
4. First-aid supplies.
5. Knife or multi-tool, duct tape.
6. Water bottle or bladder, water filter or other treatment systems.
7. Energy bars, Electrolytes, etc.
8. Toilet paper, baby wipes, hand sanitizer.
9. Trekking poles.
10. Cellphone with external battery charger and camera.

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