Travelogue: Exploring Ama Yangri Trek

As avid travelers, my husband and I embarked on a journey from Narayantar Shivachok Buspark, eager to explore the hidden gem of the Helambu region – Ama Yangri Trek. Standing proudly as the highest peak around Kathmandu valley, Ama Yangri rises to an altitude of 3771 meters.

Legend traces the name “Ama Yangri” to two words - “Ama” meaning mother and “Yangri” meaning goddess". This name reflects the reverence and respect that the local communities hold for this mountain, which is considered a deity and protector of the Helambu area.

While the journey was exciting, with the hint that Melamchi was approaching, a kind of unpleasant chill started to enter our heart. Even if we never wanted to remember that terrible flood a few years ago, it’s still in our consciousness. In 2021, the damage caused by two destructive floods in the space of one and a half months in this place was very huge and deeply saddening. When we reached the land washed away by the flood, we were getting a terrible feeling.

Our bus stop for delightful lunch at Kyul around 10 am, rejuvenating ourselves for the trek ahead.

By 1 pm, we reached Tarkeghyang, our starting point for the trek.The road up to Sankhu is more or less smooth. Beyond that, it is rough, dusty and bumpy; travelling through it can be an adventure in itself.

After a brief half-hour rest, we embarked on our trekking expedition, opting for shortcut routes that added a touch of adventure to our journey. Our journey was quite challenging. While taking photos and videos, we spent more time than regular travelers. Even now, the journey is the same. 
Despite the challenges, we completed the trek in three hours, reaching the Ama Yangri base camp. The other name for Jhumothang is Aama Yangri Base Camp. After the development of Jhumothang as a tourist destination, visitors began to refer to this place as a base camp. 

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscape, we checked into Chyomuthang Resort, craving warmth and sustenance. A piping hot bowl of Rara soup filled our bellies, offering comfort amidst the chilly weather. As evening descended, we immersed ourselves in the splendor of nature, surrounded by the vibrant hues of rhododendrons.

As the night enveloped us, we planned our itinerary for the next day, eager for the dawn of a new adventure. The following morning greeted us with a biting cold, prompting an early rise at 3 am. With anticipation fueling our spirits, we commenced our journey at 3:40 am, aiming to witness the majestic sunrise atop Ama Yangri.

Despite our efforts, we arrived slightly late, missing the sunrise due to the veil of clouds obscuring the mountain peaks. Nonetheless, we found solace in the kaleidoscope of rhododendrons adorning the landscape, each petal a testament to nature's beauty.

In recent times, a new addition to the cultural and spiritual landscape of Ama Yangri has emerged: the Ama Yangri Zangdo Palri Monastery. This monastery stands as a testament to the enduring religious significance of the region. Along the trail, we spotted elusive Himalayan birds and marveled at the towering rhododendron trees, their blossoms painting the hillsides with hues of red, pink, and white.

Adding to the allure of the trek are the cultural and spiritual experiences it offers. Ama Yangri holds significant religious importance for the locals, with pilgrims flocking to its summit on auspicious occasions. The trek provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich traditions and customs of the Helambu region, offering glimpses into the lives of the Sherpa, Tamang, and Chhetri communities that call this area home.

After a morning filled with exploration and awe, we reluctantly bid farewell to the Ama Yangri base camp, descending back to Tarkeghyang.Despite our anticipation, we were unable to witness the majestic mountain peaks from Ama Yangri due to the veil of clouds that obscured our view. While this left us feeling somewhat unsatisfied, it only fueled our desire to return and experience the trek once more.

The allure of Ama Yangri beckons us, promising the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring sunrise and the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas in all their glory. As we bid farewell to this enchanting destination, we do so with the determination to return, ensuring that we do not miss out on the breathtaking vistas that await atop Ama Yangri. 

Despite the challenges and missed opportunities, our journey through Ama Yangri Trek left an indelible mark on our hearts, igniting a passion for adventure and discovery that would linger long after our return home.

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