Purnima Shrestha Sets Record with Three Everest Summits in One Season

Photojournalist Purnima Shrestha has set a world record by climbing Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, three times in a single season.

During the ongoing spring Everest climbing season, she reached the summit for the third time on Saturday morning, setting this remarkable record. According to Rakesh Gurung, Director of the Adventure Tourism and Mountaineering Branch at the Department of Tourism, Shrestha successfully summited Everest at 5:50 AM.

Journalist Shrestha has become the first woman to climb Everest three times in a single season. This marks her fourth successful ascent of Everest. She had previously reached the summit on May 12 and again on May 19 this season.

Shrestha, who hails from Arughat Rural Municipality-10 in Gorkha, first climbed Everest in 2018. She has since climbed various mountains around the world. She is part of an expedition aiming to climb all 14 peaks over 8,000 meters globally. Last year, in August, she successfully climbed K2 in Pakistan, the world's second-highest mountain.

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