Jacaranda Trees Transform Kathmandu into a Purple Paradise

Kathmandu - The streets of Kathmandu, adorned with vibrant purple flowers from blooming Jacaranda trees, have added to the charm of the capital city during the month of Baisakh.

The blossoming Jacaranda trees along Darbar Marg, Sundhara, Ratna Park, and the vicinity of Kamal Pokhari have transformed the cityscape, enhancing Kathmandu's allure with their mesmerizing display of colors.

The phenomenon, locally known as "Bhangeri Phool" (Jackaranda flowers), has drawn the attention of residents and visitors alike, who are captivated by the picturesque scenery created by these blossoms.

In addition to the floral spectacle, Kamal Pokhari has become a hotspot for photography enthusiasts, with young individuals flocking to capture the juxtaposition of the vibrant flowers against the tranquil waters.

The blooming of Jackaranda trees not only adds aesthetic value but also signifies the onset of spring, symbolizing renewal and vitality in Kathmandu.

As the city continues to be adorned by nature's bounty, locals and tourists alike are encouraged to savor the beauty of Kathmandu's streets adorned with these enchanting flowers.

Photo: Binita Siwakoti

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