Chaite Dashain - the glorious stories of Devi

2023 March 29 Chaite Dashain is being celebrated today by worshipping Devi. Dashain is regarded as the certainty of victory of good over evil, or the victory of truth over untruth. Dashain is celebrated twice a year – the major one, Bada-Dashain, in the months of Asoj and Kartik, and this one, Chaite-Dashain, in the month of Chaitra on the day of Chait Shukla Astami.

It is believed that Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya on this day, after completing his exile and his victory over the evil Ravan. Before his battle with Ravan, Lord Ram worshipped goddess Durga and had her blessings in his battle with Ravan. It is believed that the people of Ayodhya started celebrating this victory of truth over evil as Dashain. One folklore indicates that the festival of Dashain (Bada-Dashain) used to be celebrated in the month of Chaitra. Because of the dry spells and changes in weather around this time of the year, and because of the consumption of heavy food and long walks that came along with Dashain, many people would fall ill. For this reason, it is believed that Bada-Dashain was shifted to the seasonally more agreeable middle of the year, Asoj. Today, the glorious stories of Devi are recited, and her hymns played at homes and various Devi temples. Devotees visit these temples and some make animal sacrifices too. Chaite Dashain is being celebrated today with faith and fervour.

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