Bardibas Street Food Festival offering varieties of cuisines to visitors

The Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Mahottari have collaboratively organized a street food festival with the primary goal of promoting their locality and generating public interest in local cuisine. The three-day event was inaugurated by Pralhad Kumar Chhetri, the Mayor of Bardibas Municipality, and is taking place at the intersection of the East-West Highway and the BP Highway, situated 500 meters towards the BP Highway.

The festival, which will continue until tomorrow, is orchestrated by the Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs Association of Mahottari. The organizers aim to provide a diverse array of food options in one centralized location, fostering the promotion of Bardibas and cultivating an increased fascination in local indigenous food varieties.

Stalls have been set up offering a wide range of food items such as sidra, ghongi, smoked fish, nettle soup, timbur, gundruk, tama, beans, jalebi prepared from chhena, sweets and cookies, Newari snack packages, and popular international cuisines.

In addition to the participation of hotel and restaurant entrepreneurs, stalls are operated by students from the hotel management and dairy programs at the Nirmal Lama Polytechnic School in Khayarmara, Bardibas-11, the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) in Bardibas, and the Secondary School Bardibas-8, Hathilet. The festival boasts 50 stalls offering a diverse range of food varieties for visitors to observe and enjoy.

Narayan Ghimire, the general secretary of the association, highlighted that both domestic and international tourists have the opportunity to savor local cuisines while experiencing the unique hospitality of Madhesh. To encourage participation, a discount of 20 to 40 percent has been applied to the food offerings. The festival also includes various cultural programs, and organizers anticipate approximately 50 thousand attendees. The event, costing around Rs 1.5 million, is not only a celebration of street food but is also expected to contribute to a trekking campaign initiated a few days prior by the association and the Bardibas Town Journalists Network in Mahottari. The campaign aims to explore and publicize tourism destinations and possibilities in Bardibas.

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